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Keeping Your Acrylic Nails Clean

There are some man made nails that are made for the purpose of keeping up with fashion trends. Most of these nails are used by women who are seen participating much in the fashion trends although some women wear them to have long nails in case theirs do not grow long. The the chemicals they use to put them on and remove them might be because they are acids and other chemicals that may bring about reactions that are allergic to the body despite being the nails harmless. The natural nails are in danger of having fungal infections if this allergy persists. There are different types of these man made nails that you need to understand before using them.

Acrylic nails are the most common type of nail used by most women in the world. It is a hard shell of plastic that you put on some gum on your fingers after making it rough by filing it to make it rough so that the plastic can stick. When your real nails grows after two weeks, you will need to go for refilling of the gap that appears or you can do it yourself. The elements applied may make your nails weak and loosen indicating you already have fungal infection. Irritation on the skin and swelling of the fingers may said to be the other problems related to the acrylic nails.

The acrylic nail fungus can be caused during the altering of the nails, thickening or lengthening your nails. The infection may happen between the layers of the structure and the fungus may spread to the whole finger. The people servicing nails may worsen the situation if they apply acrylic nails over the real nails when they are already infected. The tools used by the nail attendants can also be a cause of the acrylic fungus infections if the tools had been used on another person. In case the acrylic nails are fitted poorly by the nail professional, it can cause the fungal infection.

There are several treatment options for acrylic fungal infection. More damage can occur if the fungal infection is not treated quickly while it has lasted for some time. The first thing you do once you have realized that your nails have been infected is to remove the acrylic nails and cut shot the real nails. The treatment can be put in two categories; either the home treatment or the medical treatment. Among the home treatment method includes the use of vinegar that works very perfectly because they have anti-fungal properties. It involves soaking your affected nails in the solution of vinegar and water for thirty minutes each day until you see your infection is fading away. By ensuring that the nail salon you go is clean and the tools used are sterilized after use on every customer and in case your acrylic nails are not well fitted remove them and fit them properly, you can prevent the acrylic fungal infection.

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