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The Importance of Bible Morals in Today’s Time

In today’s time, technology has become a big influence in our lives that sometimes it seems like a curse to society. It is observed that instead of it being a tool, it has become of a gauge of how we run our lives.

An example is how we get to be involved in our politics, media, sports and in our work, where the knowledge made convenient by technology has led us to opposing convictions. Our society nowadays is segmented and too saturated from these factors that people are easily misled and cannot see what is wrong and right. It is comforting to know that to help us find our right paths, the Holy Bible is still available for our reach.

Today, several websites and books that can help a people be the best they can be. You will notice as you read further at the messages and philosophies of these materials that they have one thing in common, and that is the messages in the Holy Bible.

As a moral touchstone for thousands of generations that passed, the Bible is used in all cultures and all religions. Living an honorable life and knowing what is right and wrong, are present in the teachings of the Bible that is applicable to our past, present and future.

Historians are studying and dissecting for years on the reasons of the downfall and rise of a culture and country. Most of them came to a conclusion that it is the success of the family that contributes to this rise and fall.

It is claimed that the family is the rock of civilization, and what goes with it are love and respect that is the foundation of family.

Not only will love and respect serve a family during trials, but also by having a strong and shared moral beliefs, of having a sense on what is right and what is wrong, and these will be a guide in fulfilling a family’s mission in life.

Therefore, to keep a family strong, especially in a society where beliefs are fragmented and divided, to have a compass to guide for the members’ moral well-being is the key.

The strong moral beliefs in a family is a big contributing factor to a person’s present and future success. It is fair to say then that a child with a strong moral beliefs and understanding will grow older with guidance as he or she begins shaping his or her destiny.

Among the many morals that are written in the Bible that can still be applied today are “bad company ruins good morals, no one can serve two masters, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself”.